What do you plan to do after college? I spend a great deal of time singling out majors and deciding on my career paths during college. “It is no use learning without thinking “, said people. But at that time all I ever thought about was money. No careers adviser provided information, advice and guidance to help me make realistic choices about education, training and work so my first job had its difficulties and frustrations.

And then I worked my way through the graduate school without gaining support from my family. It was very hard to work in the day and go to school at night. Every day I had to drive very long distances to go to school. And I had to sit up all night writing reports. Sometimes I think the timeframe for distance learning courses would best suit my schedule and needs.

Many free online courses can help us advance in our fields but free online courses are non-transferrable or will not provide college credits. But now some online colleges are accredited or offer financial aid and offer the programs that interest us. The education level represents the income. I wish everyone can fully utilize the online education resources. Maybe it is very stiff. But if you wish to be the best man, you must suffer the bitterest of the bitter.


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